Saturday, July 14, 2007

List Of Applications Running on the Adobe Integrated Runtime

  1. Pownce by Leah Culver, Daniel Burka, Kevin Rose, Shawn Allen
  2. Pownce Desktop Client by the guys above
  3. San Dimas by eBay
  4. mxnaQUBE by Phil Chung
  5. VEED by Ben Honda-Rottler
  6. Apollo Twitter Application by Lee Brimelow
  7. MyMovieMatch beta by matchmine
  8. Kuler Desktop by Adobe
  9. Tweetr by Bluespark
  10. SearchCoders Dashboard by Searchcoders
  11. StudioCloud by StudioCloud
  12. Desktop Widgets by goowy media, inc.
  13. Finetune Desktop by Finetune
  14. CodePeek PureMVC Demo by PureMVC
  15. Apollo 3D Test Application by rost
  16. Employee Directory by Adobe
  17. Fresh by Adobe
  18. MapCache by Adobe
  19. Maptacular by Adobe
  20. PeekAgenda by Adobe
  21. PixelPerfect by Adobe
  22. Salsa by Adobe
  23. Scout by Adobe
  24. ScreenPlay by Adobe
  25. Signet by Adobe
  26. MINI DIGG by Joe Johnston
  27. D'Lite by Thai Huynh
  28. DiggGraphr Desktop by Arpit Mathur
  29. AppleCare Search for AIR by Jack in The Box Software, Inc.
  30. Apollo Picasa by Denis V.
  31. OnAIR by Edward Mansouri
  32. AddressBookExtreme by Edward Mansouri
  33. Adobe-Announcements by Razvan Andrei Surdu
  34. AIR in Flight by Mike Givens
  35. AIR Flex by Mike Givens
  36. AIR Math Quiz Bowl by Mike Givens
  37. Adobe AIR Music Player by Peter Ent
  38. AIR Video Player by Mike Givens
  39. Air's eyes by
  40. AIRTV by Edward Mansouri
  41. Apollo Desktop Photos by Janvarev Vladislav
  42. CleVR Stitcher by Sphex LLP
  43. DiggTop by
  44. EarthStats by Xe-Media
  45. Educator Desktop by Edward Mansouri
  46. FlexManiacs by Edward Mansouri
  47. Flickrin by Ashwinee Dash
  48. FotoBooth by Rich Tretola
  49. HTMLExample by Edward Mansouri
  50. iPhone by Knoware 2007
  51. Limitless Quest by Andrew Wooldridge
  52. MAX 2007 Countdown by Mike Givens
  53. Mii Editor by
  54. Model Selector by Kaushik Datta
  55. MonitR by Brandon Ellis
  56. MyVacation by Edward Mansouri
  57. NabAIR by Niels Bruin
  58. Onyx-VJ by Onyx-VJ
  59. Project Tracker by Jacob Wright
  60. Qurl by Ronnie Liew
  61. scripKeepR by Chris Seahorn
  62. Spirograph by Kaushik Datta
  63. StudioCloud by DaVinci's Desk Inc.
  64. test-browser by saumya ray
  65. toteNpost by Chris Seaborn
  66. Tweetr by Bluespark Interactive
  67. TwittAIR by theflexblog
  68. twitterAIR by Aaron West
  69. Vehicle Comparison by Kaushik Datta
  70. WebSnapshot by Daniel Wanja

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