Sunday, July 15, 2007

What I Like And Hate About Invite Share

What I like: It has got to be the most efficient invitation request site out there - I got an invitation for 8apps, Pwonce, Moola and Spock within the next hour. But I strongly suspect it has got more to do with its recent hype and surge in traffic than anything else.

What I hate: The site is buggy and its AJAX features are somewhat suspect at times. After someone has sent you an invitation, you are supposed to log back into Invite Share to verify that THAT someone has sent you an invitation. That doesn't sound like the brightest idea out there but it is better than nothing. My qualms - It is buggy. An AJAX dialog box appears that I have to click multiple times. Yucks. Anyone from the site listening to my complaints - please do something about it.

My Confession

I am a loser. I admit it, I am a loser. Internet traffic - the one thing that caused me to lose myself. Let me confess, I started this blog with the belief that if I post hard enough, if I post fast enough, I will probably get enough traffic and thus get AdSense working. I was probably thinking that was what made TechCrunch and Mashable popular. Just post about every social networking site out there. Just entitle each post as another 100 ways to do this and that. That is the sure way to attract attention and get onto Digg, Delicious, Reddit and every other bookmarking site out there. It has been 24 hours since my first post and after waking up this morning, I told myself, enough is enough.

Enough of all these nonsense. Enough of the lose of my identity. I am not going to play by others' rules. I am going to play by my own rules. From now on, no more nice words and good comments about this website and that website. I am going to say what is on my mind. I am going to blast the website if it just isn't good and I am going to post my own opinions, my views. If there is one way to get attention and make a lot of true friends in the process - it is to say the truth, tell the truth. People will learn to appreciate it. People will learn to treasure my honest comments.

I am going to say the truth about my views on technology and society and no one is going to stop me.

30-Love For You

Took me a while to figure out the reason for its name but tennis buffs will probably not find the name love30 too weird a name. Launched just a few weeks ago at the Wimbledon Championships in London, the social networking site allows users to share and upload their favorite tennis-related video clips.

The site is officially sanctioned by the ATP and the leading male tennis players BUT notice the catch - the WTA (the Women's tennis association) and basically the female tennis players are not lending their support right now. So although the site does feature a lot of behind-the-scenes clips featuring the top male tennis players, there are no official ones involving the female players, which in my opinion, is a big big negative point for the site.

The site is open to anyone right now and there are already a couple of clips floating around.

Spock Invitations Up For Grabs

Anyone interested? Comments and email will do.

Pownce Invitations Up For Grabs

Is anyone interested? Leave me a comment or send me an email.

InviteShare For Sale After Short Debut

Invite exchange InviteShare has about 4000 users after it made its debut this week. Guess what, it is already putting itself up for sale. The highest bid thus far - $16,000. I am not in a position to say whether the owners are doing the right thing, but it does seem like a smart move - get popular and sell it.

For any potential buyer, this is my question. Google AdSense daily revenue for the site is reportedly $6. You would need 10 years to get back that initial investment if nothing changes. So it isn't as simple as it seems.

P.S. I just tried InviteShare. I got a Pownce invite within a few minutes of requesting. It is efficient in this respect.

Social Voting...For People

Gleamd is a social networking site where users submit profiles of people and vote on their relative popularity. Reminds me of college and the various popularity contests.

It is currently a closed-beta. Matt McInerney is the founder.