Sunday, July 15, 2007

What I Like And Hate About Invite Share

What I like: It has got to be the most efficient invitation request site out there - I got an invitation for 8apps, Pwonce, Moola and Spock within the next hour. But I strongly suspect it has got more to do with its recent hype and surge in traffic than anything else.

What I hate: The site is buggy and its AJAX features are somewhat suspect at times. After someone has sent you an invitation, you are supposed to log back into Invite Share to verify that THAT someone has sent you an invitation. That doesn't sound like the brightest idea out there but it is better than nothing. My qualms - It is buggy. An AJAX dialog box appears that I have to click multiple times. Yucks. Anyone from the site listening to my complaints - please do something about it.

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